Experiential Education

Some of us learn better by doing. We are those who like to get involved and who are deeply curious. We are those who want to see the results and to problem solve. We might need to take something apart to see how it runs, and then put it back together. Often times those of us who learn by doing aren’t at home in a classroom setting. Given the right opportunity to become involved and curious with our learning then often we have the right ability for use to excel.

Forced to sit and learn outside of our curious comfort zone, we might act as if we are not able, capable or wanting to learn. However given the curiosity, opportunity and encouragement experiential education can bring out the best in learners. We can transform this to scientific mindsets, that crave and rely on the practical setting.  We hope to use this application of experiential education to inspire, to feed curiosity and to encourage creativity.

By doing this we hope to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.