Sailing Adventures

True to our core believe that learning inspires and helps reach their core potential, we are on a mission to live this.  Recently Math Wizards has embarked on a voyage across the Pacific Ocean to the South Pacific. It is the South Pacific where we are launching our experiential learning program. We took off on the water in July 2017, and sailed down the coast of North America and then across the great Pacific Ocean. This incredible journey and partnership with Global Voyage on a 10 meter yacht has inspired in use the love of learning. We have see and felt the important of math and science as we used these skills to cross the ocean. We are excited to included sailing education as a core part of our education outreach.

Math Wizards is dedicated to sustainable energy, to practical learning and to inspiring curiosity and through this journey were able to apply our core values to practical application. We are excited to share, to teach and to encourage learning.  We know that when we do this fully, wonderful adventure is possible.  Here we will share more of our incredible journey and learning.