Math Wizards head to Lisbon

We are so excited to share our cause with others.  We need your support.  Your donations will support and will encourage access to high quality technology learning for kids.  Our non profit is dedicated to reaching out to diverse communities and providing motivating and engaging resources to inspire and keep the attention.  We believe strongly in a future of technology that is inclusive and represents our  unique and incredible global diversity.  We also strongly believe meaningful learning encourage and supports play.   Math Wizards is laying the foundation for kids to inspire a love of learning.  Education is a powerful solution, brining people together and allowing the future of technology to be on that is inclusive and united in solving issues in humanity, and celebrating the diversity.


Sailing the Pacific

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As an introduction to business Owner Ship Math Wizards went sailing.
Sailing offers a lot by the means of education.

Simply put- It has helped me discover an optimistic attitude to embrace change, learn, and allow growth where possible, all qualities that in start up phase will add to deveopment.

Math Wizards

Greetings Friends, Readers and Learners.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking time to build collaboration of ideas that let real education develop. Our hope is to reach the students in the most remote and marginalized communities with experiential STEM education. Our goal is to teach and introduce the technology early to students as the needed foundation to be contributors in the growing market of technology.
Math Wizards is taking launch with the first mobile STEM container classroom/labs as part of the U.S Virgin Island, Puerto Rico and other island nations in the area devastated by the recent hurricane for relief efforts. The containers will serve as mobile STEM labs that will provide workshops and education to as wide of a demographic as possible.
We will educate, recruit, inspire, rebuild. Our friends and neighbors in the U.S. Virgin Islands have some big math problems to solve. Being Math Wizards and all, we are on a mission to help and to provide our students with the resources they need to tackle those big math/life problems.
We will work hand in hand with Global Voyage, IRG (International Rescue Croup), sailors and others who live and teach sustainable living. Or someone lust like you who can contribution to Math Wizards with a donation to help see our future generations succeed.

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“You can’t change the world
if you can’t change yourself”
– Christopher Wallace